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Juvenile crimes or delinquency are matters that must be taken seriously. Mistakes as a minor can follow an individual into adulthood, not only by a criminal record but by the consequences that they produce. These offenses can block the young person’s attempt at school, scholarships, jobs and other opportunities.

It is important that these charges are aggressively confronted and resolved by a lawyer who understands the juvenile justice system. Attorney Laura Helmbrecht provides skilled defense strategies that are tailored to the juvenile justice system and to the specifics of the minor’s case.

If your underage child has been charged with a criminal offense, please call our Columbus law office today for a consultation.

Zealous Advocacy Following Juvenile Charges

Any crime committed by a minor (or juvenile) under the age of 18 is charged as a juvenile offense and tried in the juvenile justice system. Unlike the adult criminal justice system, the juvenile system is focused on rehabilitation more than punishment. Judges and the court are looking for reasons to give the juvenile a second chance.

This means that the entire system works on its own rules, procedures and means of correcting delinquency. It is important that you have representation who understands these differences and can achieve the best possible outcome for a minor.

Without such representation, a juvenile could be sent to reform school, a public institution, foster care or returned to the parents for probation or house arrest.

Attorney Laura Helmbrecht fights on behalf of juveniles, advocating for each one to be given a lesser punishment and second chance. She represents juveniles facing all types of crimes, including underage consumption or drinking, drug crimes, theft, truancy, arson, rape and violent crimes.

Please contact Laura Helmbrecht to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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